Movies to Watch: Comedy vs Communism Virtual Film Festival June 20-27

"Comedy vs. Communism: A Retrospective of Polish Cult Comedies from Communist Times celebrates film as a tool of resistance to totalitarian tyranny and political satire as a means of beginning the process of reestablishing political liberty. Please join us in watching these films and then meet with Dr. Anna Draniewicz, Research Fellow in VOC’s Polish Studies program for a Q&A during which she will answer the inevitable questions arising from the films and their portrayal of the surreal life in communist Poland." (

Short Movie to Watch: FANATYK by Michal Tylka Drama/Comedy (2017) 33 minutes

Because of the pandemic, our Polish movie screenings are not possible at this time. So instead, for every month we miss, here is a movie suggestion to watch at home.

Fanatic (available on Netflix)

Based on famous copy-paste text by Malcolm XD, it is a story about addiction, fanaticism, and obsession. One ordinary family, so many problems.

Cast: Piotr Cyrwus, Anna Radwan, Marian Dziedziel, Mikolaj Kubacki, Lukasz Szczepanowski

Trailer (in Polish):

Movie to Watch: UCIECZKA Z KINA WOLNOŚĆ by Wojciech Marczewski (1990) Comedy/Drama/Fantasy 92 minutes

Because of the pandemic our Polish movie screenings are no longer possible. So instead, for every month we miss, a movie suggestion to watch from home. This is episode 4 of the series, our June replacement.

Ucieczka z kina Wolność (Escape from the Liberty Cinema), available on Netflix and Amazon Prime
This absurdist black comedy, a winner of several Polish Film Festival awards, follows the state censor, played by Janusz Gajos, and his daily life of altering press statements or modifying film dialogues. He appreciates the cat-and-mouse game of trying to suppress anything forbidden in the face of steady efforts to sneak something past him. To him, "Censorship is necessary. Censorship is an art. A good censor should be an artist." However, one day at the Liberty Cinema, a commercial movie theater near his offices, the characters on the movie screen start speaking out of character and refuse to speak the lines written for them. They are even joined by Tom Baxter, a char…

Polish Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Since OKO meets only once a month, here is a list of movies in Polish, with English subtitles, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Documentaries are not included. If you are into that genre, there is a ton available! Enjoy!