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Our Mission: Polish Film Club OKO is a private discussion club, affiliated with the Polish Cultural Center in Seattle (a non-profit organization), and devoted to promoting Polish-themed film art in the Pacific Northwest through exposure, education and discussion - ALL FILMS HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

ATTENTION FEBRUARY 2019: OKO's mission changed to promote survival of the Polish language among the immigrants: we will still strive to show films with the English subtitles, but it's no longer a major priority. Watch each post for the info on whether the subtitles are provided. We hope you continue to enjoy the Polish Films!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

As promised at the last OKO meeting: 'Czeski Sen' and more...

Something to keep you busy while OKO is on hiatus till January - sorry, couldn't find any of them with English subtitles; if you know about a copy with subtitles, let me know..

Delightful young film on YouTube, cut and pasted in 9 pieces. How is it Polish?  Well, it isn't, except for the Polish text read over the film.  But it's quite Slavic, and it could happen in Poland or anywhere - quite a gem.  Enjoy it here:

The Polish Book Club in Seattle this coming Saturday is doing a book by K. Kutz 'Piata Strona Swiata' ('The Fifth Corner of the World). While at it, watch this Silesian wonder, named 'Angelus' by Lech Majewski, a metaphysical comedy from Slask. I grew up there: in Myslowice, at the very triangle of three emperors.  My sister had a 'dzialke'-garden right at the triangle...