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Thursday, November 3, 2016

'Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story' - 11/25 • 7:30 pm at Polish Home

Well, another change: the film originally scheduled for November is sitting at Scarecrow awesome collection and could be brought in anytime so it can wait, while  OKO member and the film co-producer, Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski offered to present on our November session his documentary film about Alex Herbst and invited Alex to our screening!

Attention: 11/25 is FOURTH Friday of the month (the day after Thanksgiving) - change from 3rd Friday due to scheduling problems.

Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story, directed by SÅ‚awomir Ciok. Captain Witold "Alex" Herbst is a WWII fighter pilot who was flying Spitfires with the famous Polish RAF squadrons 303 & 308 in missions over Great Britain and Europe.

"[...] Alex Herbst tells his story for a documentary which is about the will of flying that never dies. This is also a sentimental and partly virtual trip to the most important places of Alex Herbst’s life in Poland, Romania, Turkey, and France, UK and the USA including his visit to the present aviation industry.[...]  More on  Blue Horizon site..

Trailer here:

Here is a British TV production showing 303 squadron - 50 minutes documentary 'Bloody foreigners. Untold Battle of Britain' (in English, with Polish subtitles), or you could watch it bigger screen on youtube:

Here is link to photos from the 'Spitfire Liberator' premiere event.