Movie to Watch: REMEMBRANCE by Anna Justice (2011) War/Drama 105 minutes

Because of the pandemic our Polish movie screenings are no longer possible. So instead, for every month we miss, a movie suggestion to watch from home. This is episode two of the series (our April replacement).  

Recommendation by Marzena Szlaga

Remembrance (available on Amazon Prime)

"Remembrance” is a German-Polish co-production (Polish title: Zagubiony Czas). The film is based on a true story of Jerzy Bielecki and Cyla Cybulska. Young Polish resistance officer, Tomasz Limanowski, is captured and sent to Auschwitz II (in that role- charismatic Mateusz Damięcki) where he falls in love with a German-Jewish girl, Hanna Silberstein, a prisoner of the women slave labor camp. They manage to escape the Nazi camp but unforeseen coincidence and betrayal of Tomasz's family member prevents their unification. They meet again 30 years later. This is a story of young unfulfilled love, fight for freedom, suffering and perseverance, and also about the struggle of life in constant fear and betrayal. There are a few other Polish actors in this movie, including Joanna Kulig in the role of Magdalena, Tomasz’s sister-in-law.



Polish Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Since OKO meets only once a month, here is a list of movies in Polish, with English subtitles, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Documentaries are not included. If you are into that genre, there is a ton available! Enjoy!