Friday, March 16th at 7:30: REZERWAT, 2007, by Lukasz Palkowski (comedy)

This will be the last film introduced by our UW Polish Studies Fulbright scholar,  Justyna Budzik, PhD, before she leaves her post.  Thank you, Justyna!

Rezerwat /The reservation, Poland 2007,  Director: Lukasz Palkowski. Writers: Marcin Kwasny, Lukasz Palkowski. The film (1h 40min) is in Polish, with English subtitles,  at Polish Home upstairs, Friday, March 16, 7:30 pm.

A young photographer moves to Praga, the most notorious district of Warsaw, known for common crime and alcoholism as well as unique folklore. This experience will have much impact on both his personal and professional life.

At the Polish Film Festival, the director, editor, and supporting actress (Sonia Bohosiewicz) all won in their respective categories; additionally, Palkowski won the Critics' Award.

IMDB review by Chris LawsonThis film was shown in Romania as part of the European Film Festival week. This story of everyday life in Praga, a near-slum district in Warsaw, is true, honest and very powerful. [...] The photographer has to make moral compromises right through the film, and turns on the smooth businessmen who employ him. Overwhelming and highly recommended.

Here is the 2008 Guardian article about Warsaw's district of Praga:
Warsaw's wild side
Praga used to be Warsaw's hottest district for all the wrong reasons - until artists and musicians started moving into its abandoned warehouses and factories.

Some Varsovians still think that a night out in Praga is a bit too edgy for comfort, remembering the days when the neighbourhood's soaring crime rate earned it the nickname "the Bermuda Triangle". For decades, it was home to the poorest of Warsaw's poor, and the derelict streets were ruled by the criminal underworld. [...]

Trailer here (no English subtitles in this trailer, but we will have them at OKO screening):


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