Friday, March 17th: 'Reverse' (original title: 'Rewers'), 2009 comedy, by Borys Lankosz

Film host:  Hanna Gil, translator of the film's English subtitles - you will have a chance to ask her about the process of caption translation.

'Reverse' (original title: 'Rewers') is a 2009 Polish (dark) comedy film, directed by Borys Lankosz. Polish Home upstairs, Friday, March 17th, 7:30 pm

Sharply scripted and impeccably realized Lankosz’s debut feature is a darkly comedic portrait of romance, familial bonds, and political intrigue. The film follows Sabina Jankowska (the angular and attractive Agata Buzek), an unassuming singleton working as a poetry editor in Stalinist Warsaw.

Sabina’s lack of even a prospective husband is a point of constant contention for her well-meaning, though meddlesome, mother and grandmother.

At their behest (and as a result of their scheming) Sabina entertains a number of suitors, all of whom fail to interest her – until Bronislaw Falski mysteriously enters the scene.

Praised for its black humour, attention to character, and clever stylization, REVERSE was an enormous critical hit in its native Poland, capturing the Golden Lion for Best Polish Film, along with four other awards at the 2009 Polish Film Festival and was also honoured with the FIPRESCI award at the Warsaw International Film Festival for the best Eastern European debut. English sub-titles.

Reverse was also very well received by American audience and film critics - it was shown at the SPFF a few years ago.

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Director: Borys Lankosz. Screenplay: Andrzej Bart. Cinematography: Marcin Koszałka. Music: Włodzimierz Pawlik. Set design: Magdalena Dipont, Robert Czesak. Costumes: Magdalena Biedrzycka. Editing: Wojciech Anuszczyk. Sound: Maria Chilarecka, Aleksander Musiałowski. Cast: Agata Buzek (Sabina), Krystyna Janda (mother), Anna Polony (grandmother), Marcin Dorociński (Bronisław), Adam Woronowicz (Józef), Bronisław Wrocławski (director Barski), Łukasz Konopka (Arkadiusz), Błażej Wójcik (Marcel), Jerzy Bończak (official 1), Jacek Poniedziałek (official 2). Production: Kadr Film Studio, Syrena Films, Documentary and Feature Film Studio (WFDiF). Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute. Distribution: Syrena Films. Length: 88 min. Released on 13 November 2009.


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