Comedy LADIES on Friday, Feb.19, 7:30 pm

Friday, February 19th at Polish Home, upper room - start at 7:30 (room set up and short intro about the film and its director);  actual screening at 8 pm sharp: Tomasz Konecki's  Ladies / Lejdis,  comedy, 2008. Polish with English subtitles.

Plot: Four childhood girlfriends, now adult women,  gather each New Year's Eve (which they celebrate in summer) to track the progress of their lives, make resolutions, and discuss their relationships with men.

The film was a huge hit in its homeland when released - we might discuss the issue of the use of humor in the film form and what happens when translated, since the cognitive process of amusement is very much dependent on the social and cultural context.  It was was shown at SPFF several years ago and met a very good reception.

There is not much about the director, Tomasz Konecki in English on the internet;  this is from wikipedia: Tomasz Konecki (born 22 April 1962 in Warsaw) is Polish film director.  A graduate of Warsaw University, he worked with TVP1. He has directed six films such as Testosteron and Lejdis. Movies that he creates are ones of the best hits in comedy category. [...] Not much more at the link above...

From Polish sources I gathered that Konecki  is a Warsaw University physics department graduate, one time philosophy student who got his PhD diploma from Polish Academy of Sciences; he also played sax in a student band Deformacja.  He had his own TV program from 1994-1997 where he created several dozen documentaries, until his film director's debut in 2000 with a full feature film titled 'Half-Serious', followed by the black comedy 'Body' (2003) for which he was given a  'Golden Duck' award by the Film magazine for The Best Polish Film of that year.  From then on he became a very commercially successful, many times nominated and awarded comedy director: 'Tango z aniołem' , 2005-2006, 'Testosteron', 2007, 'Lejdis' 2008, 'The Perfect Guy for My Girl' - Polish: 'Idealny facet dla mojej dziewczyny', 2009.

For your perusal: found this quite academic dissertation from Marta Dynel, titled: Women who swear and men who fret: The subversive construction of genders in films: A case study of 'Lejdis' and 'Testosteron',  here:

See you at Kino OKO!  ola
Thank you SPFF for sharing this film with OKO!

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