NEXT FILM: 'THE HOUR GLASS SANATORIUM' • January 19th, Wednesday

Set in pre- World War II era. A young man is on a strange train to see his dying father in a sanatorium. But the place is going to ruin and recalls a lot of memories from the past. He is beset by soldiers from the past, colonial black mercenaries, girls from his early life, and his parents. It is an interior adventure, with unusual atmospheric flair and extraordinary sets. Written by Polish Cinema Database

ATTENTION:  something is not working:  despite of a half a year presence in the Polish Home, Film Club OKO has not worked out its core audience.  We have somewhere between 8-15 people coming for each screening, but with the exception of 2-3 super-loyal fans the audience is changing constantly and I never know  if anybody will come at all (we have no membership).  I do not mind running the club for 3 people, but wondering if I should change the formula to better answer those 3 people wishes, or should I aim at the wider audience.  

Not sure if the problem is the day chosen (evening commute can be challenging in the middle of the work-week) or the films shown (completely understand that my own choices are not universal).  So, please comment below or come prepared to discuss what should be done with the OKO club:  change the day (Friday is often quoted as the 'best' day, problem how to compete with other activities that day in Polish Home), change the films (please, share your ideas) or close it.  Another thing which crossed my mind is to list films people could view in the comfort of their own homes, and discuss them HERE;  but it's truly not the same as real discussion club.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Posted 1/24/11:
The 16 of us who came to see the film last Wednesday had a great time and a delightful discussion:  how ahead of the time the movie was, its beautifully dazzling photography, the unforgettable themes of dreams conflated with wishes of preserving the passing life and passing memories, and reconstructing one's childhood through them.  

Several of us saw the movie for the second time, with more, ahem, mature outlook on life than the first time around, so we talked about that, too. Several people were there intrigued more by the persona of Bruno Schulz- the artist (the film was based on his stories) than the film itself, so we talked about his life and death, about his writing and art, as well as the times he lived and created (1930s and 40s).  

Teresa brought a wonderful complimentary written material from her past research on Bruno Schultz, which people appreciated to take home and read, and Wanda brought along two young Americans who seemed quite interested in the film and the discussion about it and said that it was one of the weirdest films they saw (probably ever), but also one which is likely not leave their imagination soon.  Thanks Rysiu, for choosing the film and making sure it plays! (it was PAL version, even though Rysiu bought it here, through  )

The movie was 2 hours long + discussion, so we had not much of a chance to talk about the future of OKO.  So, my dictatorial rule marches on from lack of alternatives - see the next post (above)...


  1. I think you should ask people who are present at a meeting what they would like to see. Prepare a short list of movies and have people vote.
    Also, for me Wednesdays are very hard to get to Seattle, I would really suggest Fridays, and have OKO advertised as "dinner and a movie" kind of a discussion club, for many Americans who come to dine at the Polish Home. You may get a completely new audience.

  2. thanks, Sol.
    will think tomorrow what's next...

  3. Paul Perz in LaceyJanuary 17, 2011 at 1:31 PM

    I'm not sure if there is any day that is good for me since I come from Lacey. I know that I won't be able to make the Wednesday movies on a regular basis due to my work schedule. A Friday dinner and movie sounds like fun but as someone mentioned, it will compete with several other activities. Perhaps an annual survey of Dom Polski members may give you an indication of the interest level not only of attending the Polish movies but also and preference for the day of the week.
    I enjoy the discussions as much as the movies so I will try to attend whenever I can.

  4. Hi Ola,
    Most of all, I simply kept forgetting: it is ones a month in the middle of the week. E-mail list may help.
    But if I can comment, You are trying to do two different things: to show Polish films to people who would otherwise not have a chance to see the movie (because its old, polish). But it seems to me you also hope to make it interesting to these of us who had seen the movie before (often several times) and for whom the only reason to see it again is to have a occasion to talk about it in a wider historical, artistic or personal experience context. But these two audiences may not be easy to put together: second one would appreciate movies too hard to enjoy for the first one. You may consider choosing one of these goals and find the way to contact right crowd.
    Whatever you decided I commend your initiative, it is so much easier to comment than DO.

  5. hi! Paul in Lacey,
    good to hear from you and please keep coming, when you can! thanks.

    about surveying Poles, hm, have you heard a saying 'for every two Poles there are three opinions':)... as to friday being busy: yes, but it's not like we have no problems on wednesdays - called the polish home earlier today to remind that OKO is on tomorrow, and Grazyna, the hostess asked which room, so i said depending on the size of the crowd and whoever we have to battle in the quarrel de jour about it. 'that'll be the choir group and the cut-outs group, both peacefully minded folks' she instantly and cheerfully assured me.

    tomorrow we can talk more.

    hi! Izabella,

    thanks for the comments. good point about reminder emails, i'll start to create one tomorrow...

    and yeah, i definitely am not sure what i am doing, and possibly being my usual wishy-washy pisces: whatever rocks your boat, upstream or downstream is fine with me. so you are probably very right: the 2 audiences you speak of definitely are of two very different minds. shortly i'll post a poll to see which attitudes prevail, but will also ask tomorrow at OKO.

    for now i'd like to please those few who are actually coming, so Rysiu gets his wish tomorrow, and hopefully people come up with more wishes.

  6. Aleks,
    With the legislature in session I tend to work longer into the evening and tonight is one of those nights. Unfortunatley I will not be at the movies tonight. I hope everyone enjoys the film and has a good discussion.

  7. we missed you, Paul!

    you would have liked the movie, and the discussion between the 16 of us, for sure. very dream-like and unusual film. it is available on amazon, with the english subtitles, but only in PAL version. our new multi-region player handled it all right. hope your does, too.

    don't legislate too much. i appreciate your work on this very much, but go on the parallel time track sometimes, too:)...


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