Short Movie to Watch: FANATYK by Michal Tylka Drama/Comedy (2017) 33 minutes

Because of the pandemic, our Polish movie screenings are not possible at this time. So instead, for every month we miss, here is a movie suggestion to watch at home.

Fanatic (available on Netflix)

Based on famous copy-paste text by Malcolm XD, it is a story about addiction, fanaticism, and obsession. One ordinary family, so many problems.

Cast: Piotr Cyrwus, Anna Radwan, Marian Dziedziel, Mikolaj Kubacki, Lukasz Szczepanowski

Trailer (in Polish):


Polish Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Since OKO meets only once a month, here is a list of movies in Polish, with English subtitles, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Documentaries are not included. If you are into that genre, there is a ton available! Enjoy!