Friday, February 15 at 7:30: The Art of Loving. Story of Michalina Wislocka (2017)

Sztuka kochania. Historia Michaliny Wisłockiej 
(original title)
IMDb: 7.1

“The Art of Loving", an adaptation of Michalina Wisłocka’s biography, is both a tale about her and about the taboo topic that is Polish sexuality. Humorous and well-acted, the film is well worth watching.
In her version of Michalina Wisłocka’s biography, Maria Sadowska chooses to talk about sex without exaggeration, shy blushing or provocative intent. She does not judge her characters, or moralise over their sometimes questionable choices. In The Art of Loving, sex is neither good nor bad, it’s just a part of everyday life. The story of the famous Polish gynaecologist and sexologist, whose lifestyle guidebook "The Art of Loving" sold over 7 million copies in the 1970s, is a straightforward story about a person whose body and soul are connected into one, indivisible whole. “

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Director: Maria Sadowska
Stars: Magdalena BoczarskaEryk LubosTomasz KotBorys SzycJustyna Wasilewska

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