'Papusza' screening moved to April 22!

May harbinger: Double with Slawomir Grunberg (dir. will be present at both screenings): 5/5, Thu, 7:30 pm: 'Karski' at Ezra Bessaroth,  for tickets/directions click here
& 5/6,  'Fri, 7 pm 'Santa Rosa' at UW Thomson Hall 101, Free.  More details later.

Spring Bazaar in Polish Home is on Saturday, March 19th - the room needs to be prepared a day in advance and cannot accommodate the Kino OKO goers on usual 3rd Friday of the month.  Therefore the screening of the film 'Papusza' is moved to Friday, April 15th 22nd (sorry, another event collision caused another date change).

Friday, 4/22: 'Papusza', directed by Joanna Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze, music by Jan Kanty Pawluskiewicz, 2013. In Roma/Polish with English subtitles.

True story of Papusza - the first Roma woman who put her poems into writing and published them, and therefore confronted the traditional female image in the gypsy community.

The film follows Papusza’s life from birth to old age: arranged marriage as a small girl, her life in a gypsy tabor before, during and after second world war, then forced settlement in communist Poland and urban life in poverty. Her meeting with the Polish poet Jerzy Ficowski, who discovered her great talent for poetry and published her works led to a tragic paradox: a famous poet was living in poverty, rejected by the Roma community, for betraying their secrets.

Cast: Jowita Budnik (Bronisława Wajs - Papusza), Zbigniew Waleryś (Dionizy Wajs, Papusza's husband), Antoni Pawlicki (Jerzy Ficowski), Artur Steranko (Czarnecki), Maja Maissner, Andrzej Walden (Julian Tuwim), Marcin Bartnikowski (announcer), Ryszard Mróz (warden), Krzysztof Bochenek (caretaker), Jerzy Gudejko (minister)

Trailer here:

"Jan Kanty Pawluśliewicz's score matches the image perfectly, often resembling the sounds of nature," writes Michał Hernes in his website for Stopklatka.pl.

"From Papusza's first breathtaking image, a wide shot of a gipsy camp in 1910, the black and white photography of Krzysztof Ptak and Wojciech Staroń raises the aesthetic bar of the film to a level rarely achieved by black-and-white cinema," writes Domenico La Porta in a review published on the Cineuropa website.

More links to reviews on "Papusza" page of the Polish Film Institute (go to "Papusza" reviews in the tab on the right side).
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