Goodbye, till tomorrow on Friday, October 28th, 8pm

Do widzenia, do jutra (Goodbye, till tomorrow), B&W, 80 min, English subtitles.
Directed by Janusz Morgenstern
Script: Zbigniew Cybulski, Bogumił Kobiela, Wilhelm Mach.
Music: Krzysztof Komeda
Cast: Zbigniew Cybulski (Jacek), Teresa Tuszyńska (Margueritte), Grażyna Muszyńska, Barbara Baranowska , Włodzimierz Bielicki, Jacek Fedorowicz, Roman Polański, Eleonora Kałużyńska (voice) and others.

Do widzenia, do jutra (Goodbye, till tomorrow) is the directorial debut (1960) of Janusz Morgenstern (1922-2011) His other films include Jowita (1967), We Have to Kill this Love (1972), W-Hour (1979), and Lesser of Two Evils (2009). His TV series are Stake Larger than Life (1967-1968), Columbuses (1970), and Polish Roads (1976).
Do widzenia, do jutra takes place during the second half of the fifties in Gdansk and Sopot. A young student theatre director, Jacek,(Zbigniew Cybulski) meets a beautiful girl, the daughter of French consul, Margueritte (Teresa Tuszynska). He falls in love - in a romantic, poetry-reciting way - and shows her Gdansk. The cast is stellar: we see Jacek Federowicz, Bogumil Kobiela, and a young, almost unrecognizable Roman Polanski who plays tennis, then dances the cha cha with Margueritte on the tennis court. The student theater is Bim Bom - a legendary place, filled with jazz music by Krzysztof Komeda.
This film has been compared to the French "new wave" movies, yet it is fresh and unique. After October of 1956, when the new leader Władysław Gomułka gave Poles hope for the new future, Morgenstern showed Polish young people as creative, artistic, and full of life and dreams. Jacek and his friends are not cynical or brooding over WWII, but they are the faces of the new Poland of the sixties.
This September, after learning about Janusz Morgenstern's death, I wanted to see this movie - and I liked it very much. My mom watched it in a cinema when it was shown for the very first time. I hope our local movie aficionados will enjoy watching it at the Polish Cultural Center in October 2011 - Hanna Gil


  1. Hania, this one delicious film, thank you! and let me know, if it plays on the computer (it's PAL, isn't it?) - i'd like to borrow and see it again, and a few other people, too.

  2. Ola, I had watched this movie on my computer before I brought it to OKO. It worked fine, didn't ask me for any region, didn't tried to change a region (as it happened before, with a different computer and different movies.) I have no idea what region it is but the best would be if you just borrow it from me and try to watch on you mac.
    I am glad you enjoyed it. It was great that there were 18 people (I counted!) to see it!

  3. all righty then, i'll try it on my computer. thanks Hania. yes, the room was too small for all of us to see 'do widzenia do jutra':)

  4. It would be good next time to make sure that everybody can see a movie. Now I know that Tony could not read subtitles because he was too far but I just learned about it after the movie. We could have reaaranged our chairs and move the big table to the side...
    For now though, watching it on one's computer seems like a good idea.

  5. it was a my fault, Haniu - if i wouldn't get stuck in traffic i'd rearrange the chairs, we usually move the table away wether needed or not. when i got there it looked ok for the number of people present (usual 10 or so), and by the time the rest of the people trickled in, well, i didn't want to stop the movie, etc.
    it's such a great movie! borrow from Hania and watch it on your computers peeps:)

  6. This is about to be released in the UK by Second Run DVD as part of their Polish Cinema Classics Box Set (other titles in the set are Wajda's Innocent Sorcerers, Kawalerowicz's Night Train and Munk's Eroica).


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