The Fearless Vampire Killers on September 30

September  FILM IS FRIDAY, 8:00, not usual Wednesday...   

We will try Fridays for a while, and see how that works....

As much as I try to shy from the proliferating vampire movies, I simpy love The Fearless Vampire Killers. This delightful horror commedy directed by Roman Polanski in 1967 is simply one of my favorite movies ever! Polanski also co-wrote the script and has a great role starring as a bumbling assistant to an indomitable vampire chasing professor. He reportedly really enjoyed making this movie and his acting in it. Certainly it looks like it was a happy time for him and his wife (above - she plays the beautiful inn-keeper daughter Sarah who he is smitten with) shooting the film in Europe. Polanski uses his skills masterfully in this film. The movie unfolds as a comedy with a sign of something amiss here or there, soothing and entertaining the viewer, and then delivers a sudden horror out of the blue! And away we go on a breathless roller coster till the very end. This perfect mix of gags, puns and striking fear is what makes this movie so special and enjoyable. I guess what makes this movie so special to me is also the East-European background so close to Polanski's heart - and used for great comical effect. On that account, it needs to be noted that the music was written by the great jazz and movie composer and musician Krzysztof Komeda, who wrote score to several Polanski movies. Komeda even managed to smuggle the classic old tune Przasniczka by 19c. composer Stanislaw Moniuszko in this movie, sung in Polish, too! I hope you will enjoy this movie as I always do. See you all there! - Rysiek


  1. Thank you, Rysiek, for showing this movie. It was interesting to see a different side of Polanski's work. And I smiled a few times... great performance by Polanski, Tate and MacGovran.


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