From our new UW Fullbright scholar Tomasz Lysak:

Matka Joanna od Aniolow, dir. J. Kawalerowicz
He teaches Polish film classics in a close focus at UW. Students in Dr. Tomasz Łysak's course of Polish Culture and Society 1944-89 in Film at University of Washington discuss the films trying to move back in time to their release.

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Somehow, I cannot upoload the youtube video, but link here, let me know, if the link works; will fix it, if needed:

Over at Radio  Wisla there is an interview (in Polish) with dr. Tomasz Lysak:


Polish Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Since OKO meets only once a month, here is a list of movies in Polish, with English subtitles, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Documentaries are not included. If you are into that genre, there is a ton available! Enjoy!