As promised at the last OKO meeting: 'Czeski Sen' and more...

Something to keep you busy while OKO is on hiatus till January - sorry, couldn't find any of them with English subtitles; if you know about a copy with subtitles, let me know..

Delightful young film on YouTube, cut and pasted in 9 pieces. How is it Polish?  Well, it isn't, except for the Polish text read over the film.  But it's quite Slavic, and it could happen in Poland or anywhere - quite a gem.  Enjoy it here:

The Polish Book Club in Seattle this coming Saturday is doing a book by K. Kutz 'Piata Strona Swiata' ('The Fifth Corner of the World). While at it, watch this Silesian wonder, named 'Angelus' by Lech Majewski, a metaphysical comedy from Slask. I grew up there: in Myslowice, at the very triangle of three emperors.  My sister had a 'dzialke'-garden right at the triangle...


  1. Aleks, thank you for mentioning our book club meeting tomorrow. I hope to see you there!
    "Angelus" is very interesting, indeede as are the other films by Majewski. He came to Seattle at least three times, I think (I did an interview with him) He even had a retrospective here at SIFF which was very good. Definitely, his movies are good.

  2. thanks, hannah; had no clue Majewski came to Seattle...

    youtube says 'english sub', but no such thing:(... would love to see the translations of Silesian dialect.

  3. Yes, Majewski came to Seattle... we will talk about him and other subjects.

  4. btw, everybody, sooner or later comes to seattle

  5. I saw Czeski Sen. Thank, aleks, for the link. It is interesting.
    There is another interesting filmm by Marcel Lozinski "Jak to sie robi" which shows a different kind of manipulation: how to make a person popular in politics. This would be a good candidate for OKO, don't you think?


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